Diary February 23, 1916

German infantry advance in open order

German infantry advance in open order at the beginning of the Battle of Verdun.

Diary for Wednesday, February 23, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun: French abandon Brabant-sur-Meuse; counter­attack without success south of Caures wood and at Wavrille. By end of day Germans also occupy Herbebuis and Wavrille, have advanced just over 2 miles and taken 3,000 PoWs since February 21.

Middle East

Armenia: Russians take Ispir in slow fighting advance on Bayburt.

Sea War

Britain: ‘Minister of Blockade’ (Lord Robert Cecil) appointed.
Germany: Kaiser visits Wilhelmshaven and approves Scheer’s new strategy.


Portugal: Troops seizes 76 German steamers (240,000t) interned in Tagus at British request. German note on February 29.

Home Fronts

Germany: Kaiser visits Wilhelmshaven.
Britain: ­’Blockade Ministry’ created. Commons peace debate.

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