Diary July 4, 1915

'wooden Hindenburg'

In the studio of Prof Georg Marschall the ‘wooden Hindenburg’ is modeled, which is later on the Berlin Königsplatz at the Victory Column, and in which people can turn in nails for war funding money.

Diary for Sunday, July 4, 1915:

Western Front

Argonne: Crown Prince’s attack diminishing, but captures La Fille Morte mill on July 7.

Southern Fronts

Albania: Serb punitive expedition enters Durazzo, but evacuates at Italian request on July 17.

Middle East

Aden: 6,000 Turks and Yemenis storm Lahej until next day, 20 miles northwest of Aden; Sultan mortally wounded. 1,000 British soldiers too late, forced back to Aden until July 7.

African Fronts

Southwest Africa: Colonel Myburgh’s mounted brigade surprises and takes Tsumeb (farthest rail station in the north) with 600 PoWs. Armistice at Otavifontein.

Sea War

Dardanelles: U 21 sinks French ammunition liner Carthage (6 crew killed) off Cape Helles, but U 21 docked damaged at Constantinople on July 16. 2 more large U-boats (U 34 and U 35) to be sent from Baltic on July 20.
East Atlantic: HM Horse Transport Anglo-Californian (Captain F Parslow, posthumous VC, aged 60) saves herself from U-boat 90 miles southwest of Queenstown by 3-hour refusal to stop and summoning 2 destroy­ers.

Air War

Britain: German naval pilot Sub-Lt Pluschow (the ‘Tsingtao Pilot’) escapes with comrade (swiftly recaptured) from Donington Hall, Derbyshire. Pluschow reaches Germany via Holland, only German PoW to do so in World War One .

Call of War
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