Diary July 7, 1915

German POWs posing with one of their  French guards

German POWs posing with one of their French guards for the camera.

Diary for Wednesday, July 7, 1915:

Western Front

Joffre tells Allied conference at Chantilly that simultaneous attack on all four fronts would be best strategy.
Artois: French advance at Souchez, but Germans recover trenches there next day, and French fall back south of it on July 11.

Eastern Front

Poland: Russian Guard Corps (40,000 men and 128 guns) detrains at Kholm after 11-day transfer from Lomja.

Southern Fronts

Allied Chantilly Military Conference vainly urges Serbia to attack in support of Italy.

Sea War

Adriatic: Italian cruiser Amalfi sunk off Venice by German coastal submarine UB14 (Heimburg) masquerading as Austrian U26.

Home Fronts

Turkey: Trebizond’s 1,000 Armenian houses empty, only 100 out of 17,000 Armenians survive massacres by 15,000 Turkish troops until July 23.
Italy: Any factory may be taken for munitions.

Call of War
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