Diary June 27, 1915

Italian heavy howitzer

Soldiers during the further transport of an Italian heavy howitzer.

Diary for Sunday, June 27, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: Italian Third Army has pushed Austrians up slopes south of Mt San Michele (900 ft) and gained bridgehead for assault on Carso Plateau.
Serbia: Serbs capture Danube island of Michaiska.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Gorringe’s c.3,000 men and 4 Royal Navy gunboats anchor in Euphrates 45 miles west of Ourna for advance on Nasiriya as ordered by India (June 21) but vetoed by Whitehall (June 14).

African Fronts

Cameroons: British take German Fort Koncha.

Sea War

Baltic: Russian battlecruiser Izmail launched at Petrograd, first of four, never completed.
Aegean: ­Destroyer HMS Hussar shells Asia Minor coast opposite Chios.
Adriatic: UC12 first German U-boat of Pola half­-flotilla based at Cattaro.

Air War

Germany: French pilot Gilbert tries to bomb Zeppelin works at Friedrichshafen, but is interned on landing in Switzerland (escapes 1916).

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