Diary May 15, 1915

lone soldier  at Festubert battle

A lone soldier looks across noman’s land of the Festubert battle ground.

Diary for Saturday, May 15, 1915:

Western Front

Ypres – Battle of Festubert (until May 25) begins at 2330 hours: first British major night attack with 3 divisors takes 3 miles of trenches to 1/2 mile depth. CSM Barter wins VC, with 8 bombers captures 500 yds of trench and 105 PoWs. French retake Het Sas and regain east bank of canal.

Eastern Front

Russians change cipher to no avail.
Poland: Austrians beaten between Kielce and Ostrovyets (7,000 casualties), retreat more than 12 miles until May 17.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Russian 6-inch naval gun in Belgrade fortress sinks Austrian patrol boat.

Middle East

Gallipoli: Generals Birdwood and Bridges (GOC 1st Australian Division) wounded by snipers, latter dies on May 18.

Home Fronts

Britain: Lord Fisher, First Sea Lord, resigns over Dardanelles fiasco. Succeeded by Admiral Sir H Jackson.

Supremacy 1914
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