Diary May 15, 1942

aircraft carrier Bearn

‘Bearn’ was France’s only aircraft carrier in WW2 and already finished in 1927 from a 1914 design originally begun as a battleship.

WW2 War Diary for Friday, May 15, 1942:


Vichy France: 3 Vichy French warships – carrier Bearn and 2 cruisers – immobilized at Martinique at insistence of US Government.

Southeast Asia

Burma: Retreating British forces cross Indian border.

Air War

Eastern Front: Rocket-powered fighter (Berezniak-Isnaev BI-1) flight-tested.
Stukas attack shipping at Murmansk (repeated June 1 and 24).


Japanese forces in East China launch punitive campaign in Chekiang province: 100 families massacred on suspicion of harbouring ‘Doolittle’s Raiders’; several thousand houses destroyed.

Home Fronts

USA: Petrol rationing introduced in 17 Eastern States and Washington DC.

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