Diary November 18, 1915

Dreadnought Fuso

The new Japanese Dreadnought ‘Fuso’ with 12 x 14-in guns as main armament.

Diary for Thursday, November 18, 1915:

Sea War

Mediterranean and Adriatic: Full German Cattaro U-boat Flotilla formed.
Pacific: Fuso, Japan’s first true dreadnought, completed. Three more by April 30, 1918.

Western Front

Flanders: Canadian trench raid southwest of Messines.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Italian guns begin levelling Gorizia after air­-dropped leaflets which warn civilians.
Serbia: Sarrail makes vain last effort to reach Serbs (until November 20) despite Joffre‘s orders from November 14 to fall back to frontier.

Supremacy 1914
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