Diary May 8, 1940

German paratroopers drop near Narvik

German paratroopers drop near Narvik in Norway, where for six weeks just 6,000 German mountain troops are fighting against around 24,000 Allied soldiers.

Diary for Wednesday, May 8, 1940:

Home Fronts

Britain: Norway Debate concluded. Severe criticism of Chamberlain by Lloyd George: ‘the Prime Minister….has appealed for sacrifice….he should sacrifice the Seals of Office ! ‘.
Final Vote: Government 281, Opposition 200 (33 Conservatives vote with Opposition). Chamberlain decides to resign.

Western Front

Hitler postpones Gelb offensive from May 9 to May 10.

Secret War

Belgian Embassy in Berlin warns Brussels that German Foreign Office is preparing ultimatum to Belgium and that OKW (German High Command of Wehrmacht) has just given the order for the invasion.

Supremacy 1914
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