Weaponry of World War II

Weaponry of WW2 is the online source about the tanks, guns, artillery, fighter and bomber planes as well as warships of the Allies and the Axis powers during World War II. The weapon systems from Germany, US, Britain, Russia, Japan, Italy and other nations will be found details about their history, specifications, pictures and a 3D model.

This weaponry collection is regularly extended and updated. Many of the weapons are or will be in the future an integral part of the strategy game WW2 Total and the information and specifications are also used for the ongoing development.

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Fiat G.50 Freccia

3d model G 50 Freccia

Italian fighters Fiat G.50 Freccia to G.55 Centauro. Fiat G 50 Freccia, G 50bis, G 50ter, G55 Centauro. Type: Italian WW2 fighters from Fiat. History In 1935 this challenge of requirements to have an all-metal monoplane fighter for the Regia… learn more

3.7cm PAK 36

3d model 3.7cm PAK 36

German light anti-tank gun 37-mm PAK 36. 3.7 cm PAK 36 Type: Anti-tank gun (Panzerabwehrkanone, German). History: The 3.7cm PAK 36 was the standard German anti-tank gun at the outbreak of war. It was more or less on equal terms… learn more

Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero

3d model of Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero-Sen

Japanese carrier-based long-range fighter ‘Zeke’. Mitsubishi Zero A6M2 Reisen (Allied Codename: Zeke) Type: Japanese single-seat carrier-based long-range fighter. History: Zero – symbolic of Japanese power in the air, this was the name by which friends and enemies came to know… learn more

Flush-decker destroyers

3d model of flush-decker HMS Campbeltown

US Flush-decker destroyer class Flush-decker destroyers (6 Caldwell, 110 or 111 Wickes and 155 Clemson class ships). Type: Destroyer. History: The first fifty of these ships were authorised as part of the US Navy’s 1916 programme, which was designed to… learn more

Macchi C.202 Folgore

3d model C.202 Folgore

Italian Macchi C.202 Folgore fighter plane. History, development, service, specifications, pictures and 3D model. Macchi MC202 Folgore (Lightning). Type: Single-seat fighter plane. History: Essentially a re-engined Saetta, the C.202 Folgore was much more powerful and after quick and painless development… learn more

KV-1 to IS-1

From the heavy tank KV-1 to the Iosef Stalin tank. History, development, service, specifications, statistics, pictures and 3D model. KV-1S, KV-13, KV-85. Type: heavy battle tank. Problems with the KV-1 After the Wehrmacht had already begun in 1942 to improve… learn more

P-80 Shooting Star

3d model Lockheed Shooting Star jet trainer T-33

First US jet fighter Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star. Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star. Type: US jet fighter. History: The Lockheed company was starting early with the development of a jet fighter. Although, the first draft was rejected, but nevertheless the Lockheed… learn more

Battleship HMS King George V

3d model of battleship HMS King George V

British battleship class King George V, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Anson, Howe. History, development, service, specifications, pictures and 3D model. King George V battleship class (five ships: King George V, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Anson, Howe).… learn more

Cruiser Zara class

3d model of Italian heavy cruiser Pola of Zara class.

Italian heavy cruisers Fiume, Gorizia and Pola of Zara class. Zara class (Zara, Fiume, Gorizia, Pola) Type: Italian heavy cruiser. History Latent Franco-Italian naval competition started from fresh following the Washington Treaty, the 2 French Duquesne class cruisers getting promptly… learn more

37mm gun M3

3d model of 37mm gun M3

US 37 mm anti-tank gun. 37mm gun M3 Type: Anti-tank gun History During World War One the US Army adopted a 37mm French gun as a trench cannon and anti-tank weapon. As time went on its performance fell behind in… learn more

Thompson sub-machine gun

3d model of Thompson M1.

US SMG Thompson M1A1, M1, M1928. History, development, service, specifications, statistics, pictures and 3D model. Thompson M1A1, M1, M1928. Type: Submachine gun History: The Auto-Ordnance Corporation was founded in America in 1916 with the intention of developing a variety of… learn more

M1 Garand

3d model M1 Garand with bayonet

US rifle cal .30 M1 Garand History, development, service, specifications, pictures and 3D model. M1 Garand, US rifle cal .30 Type: Automatic infantry rifle. History John C. Garand first produced a repeating rifle for trial in 1920, but it used… learn more

KV heavy tank


Heavy tank KV: from KV-1 and KV-2 to model 1942. History, development, service, specifications, statistics, pictures and 3D model. KV-1, KV-2, KV-3 Type: Heavy tank and howitzer. In addition to the T-34 medium battle tank and the T-40 light tank,… learn more

Torpedo boat Spica class

Spica class

Italian torpedo boats Spica class. Spica class (32 ships) Type: Italian torpedo boat. History: Like its German equivalent the Italian navy preferred the building of tiny destroyer-type escorts, generally named torpedo boats. Although an extended group of similar classes had… learn more

Mitsubishi G4M Betty

3D model Mitsubishi G4M Betty.

Japanese medium and torpedo bomber Mitsubishi G4M Betty. Mitsubishi G4M Betty G4M1 to G4M3c and G6M. Type: Japanese land-based naval torpedo bomber and missile carrier. History: Nicknamed the ‘Flying Cigar’ on account of its shape and because the fuel tanks… learn more

Matilda II

3d model of Infantry Tank Mk II, Matilda II

British Infantry Tank Mk II (A12) History, development, service, specifications, pictures and 3D model. Matilda II Type: Infantry Tank Mk II (A12) History: At the time the Infantry Tank Mk I pilot model – A11E1 – was delivered, the Mechanisation… learn more

88 mm anti-tank gun Pak 43

88mm Pak 43/41

The German 88 mm Flak gun as the best anti-tank gun of World War II. History, development, service, specifications, statistics and pictures. 88 mm Flak as anti-tank gun After the Krupp company received a contract to build the 88 mm… learn more

Italian submarines 600 class

Adua and Acciaio class subs

Italian Sirena, Perla, Adua, Acciaio sub class. Sirena, Perla, Adua, Acciaio classes. Type: Italian 600 class submarines. History: Dating coming from a time of effective growth for the Italian navy’s sub arm, the 12 Sirena class subs were known as… learn more

Panzer 38(t)

3d model Panzer 38 (t) Ausf G

German ex-Czech light tank PzKpfw 38(t) History, development, service, specifications, pictures and 3D model. Panzer 38 (t) Type: Light tank History: The Panzer 38 (t) was, in fact, the Czech LT Vz 38 which was produced for the Wehrmacht after… learn more

BM-13N Katyusha

3d model of BM-13N Katyusha

Russian Studebacker truck-mounted rocket-launcher BM-13N Katyusha Katyusha Rocket Launcher BM-13N. Type: Truck-mounted rocket launcher. History: The first self-propelled artillery weapons produced in quantity in Russia were not guns at all but novel rocket weapons. In June 1938, GAU had authorized… learn more