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Hitler Pictures

Collection of pictures about Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the driving force and uncontested leader of National Socialism, whose rise and design he caused. He led…

Collection of pictures about Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was the driving force and uncontested leader of National Socialism, whose rise and design he caused. He led his ‘movement’ from the smallest beginnings to everything dominant power in Germany. And it was he, who was leading Germany by concealing his true intentions on large domestic and foreign policy successes to the deepest fall in its history.

He could be loving and charming, smiling and yet was a villain. A Hitler could have never cause much harm, if he had not had some extraordinary talents. The greatest demagogue of his time took alone with his voice and gestures millions of Germans to follow him.

Evidence of the subsequent picture collection about Hitler, which is as far as possible in chronological order.

Adolf Hitler as a fourth from left in the top row, as a 10-year-old boy at the elementary school in Leonding.
Hitler on August 2, 1914 on the rally for mobilization on the Munich Odeonsplatz.
Hitler as a volunteer at the Western Front during World War One.
Hitler after his parole from Landsberg am Lech in December 1924.
Hitler, the 'drummer' in a campaign speech in the country of Oldenburg.
Meeting leaders of the Nazi Party in an inn room, 1930.
Hitler speaks.
Propaganda poster 'One people, one empire, one leader' in color.
Hitler on the Nazi Party congress.
Hitler decreases a military parade on the occasion of the reintroduction of the conscription.
Hitler in the car in front when driving through Vienna on 13 March 1938.
Hitler speaks on 25 June 1938, the foundation stone of the VW plant.
Hitler during the test drive with a Volkswagen.
The happy Hitler on a trip through the Harz mountains.
The dogs friend Hitler.
Propaganda picture 'Hitler and the Youth'.
Hitler giving a child an autograph, next to his sister.
Saar Children as summer guests at the sister of Hitler on the Obersalzberg.
Entrance of Hitler's teahouse near Berchtesgaden.
Hitler at the Bayreuth Festival in 1938 with Mrs Winifred Wagner and her son Wieland.
Hitler in dress uniform taks with the actress Olga Chekhova.
Hitler on the telephone.
Hitler in a tuxedo.
Blomberg, Fritsch and Hitler in conversation
Hitler escaped the enthusiastic crowd in his Mercedes G4 during a visit to Munich.
Hitler's mistress Eva Braun in 1939 while skiing.
Hitler along with workers at Porsche company.
Hitler during the automobile exhibition in Berlin on February 17, 1939.
Hitler and Himmler during a visit to the Siegfried Line in August 1938.
Hitler at the military parade on the occasion of his 50th birthday on 20 April 1939.
During his birthday celebration on 20th April 1939, Hitler greets his photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, one of his few confidants.
Hitler speaks to the lady in 1939. He liked intelligent women.
Hitler and the women.
Hitler's speech at Berlin's Olympic Stadium on May 1, 1939.
Hitler during a ceremony at the Chancellery on June 1, 1939 where prominent industries were honored.
Hitler with the Yugoslav Prince Karageorgevic in 1939.
Hitler with the Hungarian regent Horthy at U-boat maneuvers at Kiel in August 1939.
Hitler at tea. He liked to have flowers around and to eat cream pie and candy.
Hitler and Eva Braun during one of his nightly 'table discussions'. He was only really active at night because he was suffering from insomnia.
Hitler after Reichstag speech.
In 1940 Hitler shows his company the battlefield of the of Vimy heights, where he had fought in World War One.
'The Fuehrer onn the battle grounds' called painter Hommel his painting of 1940
Hitler visits Paris.
Hitler's victory dance after receiving the news that France had signed the armistice of 1940.
The commander - Painting after the victory over France.
Hitler in 1941
Hitler with some of his generals in 1941.
Hitler along with Brauchitsch and Paulus at a briefing.
Hitler and Göring in advanced 'Führerhauptquartier' in Vinnitsa, summer 1942.
Briefing at his headquarters in the summer 1942.
In the presence of the company commander Hitler gives a corporal the Knight's Cross.
Hitler on the plane during the winter of 1942-43.
Briefing with Manstein.
The already strong health impugned Hitler in the spring of 1944.
Hitler is watching the Allied beachheads on D-Day on the map.
Hitler and Himmler at the Berghof early 1945.
Hitler discusses with Himmler the defending the 'Alps Fortress'.
Hitler still broods in spring 1945 on the planed model of his favorite city Linz.
On his 56th birthday on April 20, 1945 Hitler greeted Hitler Youth boys who received the Iron Cross 2nd Class.
Adolf Hitler
Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer - Peoples, empire, leader
Führer picture
Hitler's identity card.

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