How to win a lost battle ?

How to still win an already lost battle in War Thunder ?

T-44-122 knocked out

An almost lost Realistic ground battle in War Thunder.

UPDATE: This feature has been removed by the developer Gaijin shortly after publication of this article!

Watch the subsequent 4 min video to learn how an already lost Realistic Ground Battle can still be turned into a victory in War Thunder – while also getting exceptionally much of the in-game currency Silver Lions:

And now a step-by-step guide:

T-44-122 in War Thunder1) We start with a Tank destroyer or Medium tank, because they cost just few spawn points. It should also be a quite effective tank – such as the Russian T-44-122 (Premium).

knocking out a Panther in War Thunder2) Now we need at least 1-2 kills – here is number 1. Sometimes 3 kills are necessary if one is thrown into a battle at low Battle Ratings. But can one previously capture a control zone, one kill is enough or sometimes even none !

knocking out Tiger in War Thunder3) That was number 2: a friendly Tiger driver. These guys show us again and again gladly times their vulnerable sides !

T-44-122 knocked out4) Oops, bad luck, at number 3, it caught us !

Battle map War Thunder4) However, no problem: the kills have given us enough points to bring now our heavy bomber Pe-8 (with fully equipped bomb load) in. On this battle map, there are three enemy bases (marked with red circles), which we can destroy.

Team list War Thunder5) Meanwhile, it was found that almost our whole team was killed and the opponents already starts to conquer our control zone.

Pe-8 in War Thunder6) Let’s go in the direction of the first enemy base with our Pe-8 at full speed and with a load of 4 x 1000 kg (2,000 lb) bombs. Don’t worry, it’s very rare so far that the opponent team has fighters at their bases. They prefer to show to us their acrobatic feat over the battle ground !

bombing base in War Thunder7) We are close to the first enemy base and drop 2 x 1000 kg (2,000 lb) bombs. (Note: Until a patch in early May were 4,000 kg (8,000 lb) bombs necessary to destroy a base. At this time we need just 2,000 kg (4,000 lb), so with our 4 x 1000 kg (2,000 lb) bombs we can destroy even two bases).

Base destroyed in War Thunder8) The first base we have destroyed.

Map with bases in War Thunder9) On the map you can see that only 2 enemy bases remaining to exist.

Pe-8 flying to base in War Thunder10) On to the next base and drop the remaining 2 x 1000 kg (2,000 lb) bombs on it.

victory with Pe-8 in War Thunder11) Voila – and in a hopeless situation still won with the destruction of two enemy bases. And we can be sure, the guys in the opposing team now look pretty stupid in front of their screens, as a certainly save victory is away (what is the most fun in this action) !

victory screen War Thunder12) Therefore nearly 70,000 pieces of ‘Silver Lions’ in-game currency created (with a premium account) and ended up on the 3rd place !

Note: If you play German, so you should always keep a Do 217 with 4 x 1000 kg (2,000 lb) bombs ready; in Britain the Stirling is suitable as the first one; and for US the B-29 Superfortress (with this one you can even destroy all bases at once, as many bombs has this bomber).

Who does not know the F2P tank and plane war game War Thunder can download it from here for free:


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