War Games

grenadiers jumped from APC

German grenadiers jumped from APC into the battle (PK drawing).

Strategy, Tactical and First-Person-Shooter War Games mit focus on World War.

War games are ‘mathematical models of the military world’. Military simulations use mathematical models to determine the most likely result of a historical or future battle or campaign.
Today, military simulations are one of the most powerful and most developed tools available to train officers or determine the likely outcome of a complex military operation.

As war games even the most complex and most advanced military simulations are called. In essence, a war game is a military simulation in which humans command and control the key elements of a battle. The degree to which people can make decisions in the war game depends on the unique design of the simulation and its objectives and tasks.

Most military simulations focus on four models: tactical, tactical-operational, operational, and strategic simulation.

Call of War

Call of War

Chess is regarded by some people as the earliest form of war games. Although some moves and rules are abstract and obviously do not relate to reality, chess involves some elements of the warfare in the ancient times.

These include defined units with fixed mobility, certain starting positions, a terrain (the chessboard), and turns with a limited duration and slow command structures, since each player can only move one unit at a time.
These simple rules include the fact that all soldiers in the ancient and medieval ages had fixed roles on the battlefield, were placed in lines at the beginning of the battle, usually fought in the open field, and there was limited control over the troops after the battle had begun.

In the 17th century the first ‘modern’ war games appeared. Like chess, these early military simulations were still quite abstract, but they now used realistic terrain and the game units received more accurate combat values and characteristics.

Free Strategy Game WW2 Total

War Game WW2 Total

War Game WW2 Total

My name is Norman and I’m developing for many years strategy games and business applications for the software market. In the days when the first real First Person Shooters (FPS) were coming up, my friends and me were starting to play them almost every Saturday in my development studio. With the large number of PC’s there, connected to a network, we played such games in a LAN party the whole night.

Unfortunately for us, there was a major drawback with all these FSP games: they are limited to incoherent, short actions without really strategic concepts such as resource management or offensive planning. Additional medium or longer-term based gameplay for LAN party’s was not possible.

Therefore, the development of the free strategic war game WW2 Total began.

Control of Europe 1942-45

Control of territories

The map of the control of territories at the European theater of war from 1942-45. Below is the strategic map of the European theater of war for the war game WW2 Total. The individual territories are marked with red border… learn more

How to win a lost battle ?

How to still win an already lost battle in War Thunder ? UPDATE: This feature has been removed by the developer Gaijin shortly after publication of this article! Watch the subsequent 4 min video to learn how an already lost… learn more

Most effective vehicles in War Thunder

Some time ago the community of the F2P war game War Thunder has launched its own project on WWII Logs to have finally a public statistical overview ​​about the performance of individual vehicles and win odds of the available different… learn more

Battlecruiser Dunkerque

French battlecruiser Dunkerque in the port of Marseilles

History of the French battlecruiser Dunkerque and its proper use at World of Warships. Dunkerque, Strasbourg Type: Battlecruiser. History These French battlecruisers were built between 1932 and 1938. Since 1926 a replacement for the outdated Dreadnought battleships of the Courbet… learn more

Russian Bias in War Thunder

The Russian BIAS in War Thunder on the example of the T-34-85. Although the Russian developer of War Thunder always denies repeatedly: the bias is real and unmistakable. You have to understand that the T-34 is a well-known Russian tank… learn more

Supremacy 1914 – World War

'Supremacy 1914 World War

World War 1914, the big game of Supremacy 1914 with 500 players on a world map. In addition to the big game of Call of War ‘World War’ with up to 100 players on a world map, which has been… learn more

Battleship Mutsu in WoWs

Mutsu' in World of Warships

World of Warships: Japanese premium battleship Mutsu of the Nagato class from the Second World War. The battleship Mutsu belonged to the Nagato class and is placed on the rank VI of the Japanese tech tree in World of Warships.… learn more

Call of War – World War

Call of War 'World War'

World War is the big scenario of Call of War across the globe with up to 100 players. After testing the standard game of Call of War, the decision was not far to try the ‘very big World War scenario’.… learn more

War Thunder ‘Royal Armour’

Update 1.5.5, ‘Royal Armour’ is the current version of free tank and aircraft action game War Thunder. The latest update, ‘Royal Armour’, of War Thunder’ delivers the British tanks. This is the upper part of the British research tree for… learn more

War Thunder ‘Firestorm’

Latest version ‘Firestorm’ of the free-2-play tank and aircraft action game War Thunder. The latest version ‘Firestorm’ from the free-2-play tank and aircraft game ‘War Thunder’ is this time a step in the right direction. Especially in ‘Realistic Land Battles’… learn more

Hetzer and Jagdpanzer IV in War Thunder

Hetzer in action in War Thunder

German BR 4.7 Line with Hetzer and Jagdpanzer IV in War Thunder. Realistic Ground Battles with a BR 4.7 line in War Thunder plus Replay Video. Today I would like to introduce the German BR (Battle Rating) 4.7 with a… learn more

Unit table WW2 Total

Current data table of units for production, movement and combat in the war game WW2 Total. The following tables contain all important data for production, development, motion and simulated fights of all currently available units. The following abbreviations are used:… learn more

Puma and Marder in War Thunder

SdKfz 234 Puma in action

German BR 3.7 Line with action of Puma and Marder in War Thunder Realistic Ground Battles with a BR 3.7 line in War Thunder plus Replay Video. BR (Battle Rating) 3.7 is ideal for playing with German tanks and airplanes… learn more

RakJpz 2 and HOT Jaguar in War Thunder

German BR 8.3 with missile tank destroyers RakJpz 2 and HOT Jaguar. for Realistic Ground Battles in War Thunder, 16 June 2017. The top ‘Battle Rating’ bracket for ‘Realistic land battles’ in War Thunder is the BR 8.3, with the… learn more

German BR 3.0 line War Thunder

Panzer II H in the typical battle

German BR 3.0 line for War Thunder with Panzer II H and Panzer III N. State of information April 21, 2017 for ‘Realistic Ground Battles’. The German BR 3.0 line is located in an area of the ‘Battle Rating’ (BR)… learn more

Maus in War Thunder

super-haevy tank 'Maus'

German BR 7.7 line for Realistic ground battles in War Thunder with Maus, Horten and Sturmpanzer II. State of the information of March 25, 2017. This time I present you a ‘niche’ Battle Rating Line, the German BR 7.7. The… learn more

WoWs – Battleship Kaiser

battleship 'Kaiser' in WoW

World of Warships: German battleship Kaiser class from World War One. The German battleship of the Kaiser class is the fifth ship in the German research tree (right), which can be reached after the cruisers Hermelin, Dresden, Kolberg and the… learn more

Call of War – Draw

Ending at stalemate on day 63

Noteworthy draw in the match of the browser strategy game Call of War ! (Review Part III) Here is the final report of the test match of Call of War, where the game history was reported until day 30 so… learn more

German BR 6.3 line in War Thunder


German BR 6.3 line in War Thunder with Jagdpanther and Do 335 ‘Pfeil’ (Arrow). The German BR 6.3 line with the premium variant of the Jagdpanther is among others well suited to research the German high-tier tanks quite quickly and… learn more

German BR 7 line in War Thunder

Jagdtiger in War Thunder

German BR 7.0 line in War Thunder with Jagdtiger and Horten. Today we are dealing with the German BR 7.0 line of War Thunder (realistic ground battles) and what should belong to it. Of course one thinks first of all… learn more