War Thunder ‘Firestorm’

Latest version ‘Firestorm’ of the free-2-play tank and aircraft action game War Thunder.

The latest version ‘Firestorm’ from the free-2-play tank and aircraft game ‘War Thunder’ is this time a step in the right direction. Especially in ‘Realistic Land Battles’ there is a significant concessions with the introduction of nearby markers for shooting or by own team members hit enemy tanks. Mainly it is now also possible for beginners with untrained eyes for the graphics, usually to recognize the enemy in time and this also corresponds to realistic conditions on battlefields: who fires, reveals his position and will be a target for the opponent. Thus, it’s now definitively more difficult for ‘Spawn Campers’ and ‘Full-Time Snipers’.

Enemy in sight.

Enemy in sight.

The reduction of the aiming optics, which had led to some turmoil, was in the meantime also undone. And the first British tanks have found their way into the game.

Premium vehicles now earn even more from the secondary in-game currency ‘Silver Lions’, because its repair costs were lowered, so that the game can be easily played without premium account even in higher ‘BR’ (Battle Rating) ranges. With a few unique acquired special vehicles you will earn now enough ‘money’. This premium vehicles are worthwhile in most cases, and also increase greatly the research speed of the ‘Grind’ – and can often be purchased at various discount promotions for 25-75% of the normal price.


The German premium Jagdpanther of BR 6.7 in use.

Highly recommended is here for the beginner in particular the package with the Russian T-34E or the T-34-100, the second one is only acquire for the in-game main monetary ‘Gold’. As aircrafts the B-25 Mitchell , P-47 Thunderbolt , P-63 King Cobra are recommended for the Russian team (all US aircraft, which were delivered by Lend-Lease to the Russians) or at higher BR’s the Yak-3 (VK-107). For the other teams nothing can be recommended at the moment, because they are not balanced enough for the beginner.
Even the development of a Free-2-Play Game ultimately costs money – and who plays the game regularly, should not feel be too bad, to support the Russian developers sometimes with some real money.

Approaching with Wellington

Approaching with a captured German aircraft, the Wellington.

Unfortunately, the obvious but Russian BIAS has however strengthened. Who has no problem with it, preferably to play on almost all ‘Battle Ratings’ with Russian tanks and planes, said, however, must not care.
Because of this reason it is recommended for beginners to start with the Russian tech (research) tree. With German or American vehicles it’s much more difficult, you can even talk in some BR-ranges of real unfair conditions that are consistent in any way with the historical facts of the actual combat effectiveness of individual vehicles.
This is due to mainly because of the unrealistic bounce of hits on sloping armor, a remotely reality lying damage model where the heavy Russian shells are favors disproportionately (normally any penetrated tank is knocked-out, mostly independent of the shell weight), the generous distribution of post-war or rarely available Special Ammunition especially for Russian tanks, mostly battlegrounds without large field of fire which preferred the Russian melee tactics and equipment, and last not least mostly through slightly too low classification of Russian tanks and aircraft within the BR model, besides cheaper repair costs and faster research, to name just some of the biggest problems.

Without these factors, the game would certainly have brought a greater success. Nevertheless, by the combination of aircraft and tanks in a single battle, the re-spawning with additional vehicles, no damage-bar and just a few auxiliary markers in ‘Realistic Battles’, the game is still (so far) an improvement vs it’s too ‘Arcade’-heavy (in my eyes) competitors.

Who can not be deter by the preferential treatment of the Russian team – or, conversely, as a beginner want dot drive just the legendary T-34 tank – or would like to play the far greater challenge of German or Western Allied tanks, the game could be highly recommended, especially in the mode of ‘realistic battles’.

Here are some personal statistics about some preferred ‘Battle Ratings’ with their results in the past month:

Results Realistic Battles in November
Team BR (example vehicle) Victory (%)
Russian BR 3.7 (T-34 M42) 85%
Russian BR 4.3 (KV-2) 85%
Russian BR 6.3 (T-44) 69%
German BR 4.3 (StuG 40G) 17%
German BR 5.7 (Tiger I) 40%
German BR 6.0 (Panther G) 40%
German BR 7.0 (Jagdtiger) 65%

Video from a ‘Realistic Battle’ with the use of the SMK and an Il-2M3 Stormovik (Russian BR 3.7).
Please click on the start button in the center to start the streaming progress for this c.3 min video !

As a tip straight for the German and American teams, it is recommended to abort battles (ESC) on certain BR’s at the beginning at the vehicle choice – as these are too unbalanced in comparison to the Russian team – and in the meantime play with another nation a battle.
An example of this are the German vehicles from BR 6.7 (King Tiger, Ferdinand, Jagdpanther) when participating in a battle BR 7.7 (+/- 1 range of matchmaking). Normally, a King Tiger will cost 450 points for use in the battle at its optimum BR. If it costs only 300 points, so the best vehicles in the battle are of BR 7.7, which is pretty pointless. Press instantly ESC in this case, save the time and repair costs and play something else.

t_arrow1Here you can download and try to play the game for free !

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