41M Turan II

Hungarian medium tank Turan.

Hungarian Turan II tank

Turan II tank full loaded with Hungarian soldiers during the retreating fightings.

41M Turan II
Hungarian medium tank


Hungarian Turan I tank

Hungarian Turan I tank crosses a damaged bridge at the Russian front.

Prior to WW2 , Hungary had equipped its armoured forces with AFV’s from abroad (mainly Italian CV-33 tankettes) which they then modified to suit their own purposes. In 1940, Hungary gained permission to manufacture a medium tank which appeared in 1941 and was based on a Czech Skoda design (now the German Panzer 38(t) ).
Named Turan I, it was a 16-ton medium tank with a five-man crew and mounted a 40mm Skoda gun in a large refitted turret (with square cupola). Turan was built by the Weiss&Cspel Steelworks of Budapest and was powered by 260hp Hungarian made engine. Production of this tank was beginning in October 1941.

After the disastrous Stalingrad battles, the Hungarian army realized that it needed a more powerful weapon to counter the Russian T-34 tanks. In 1943 the Turan II appeared with a modified turret with long bevel on the cupola and the gun changed to a short-barreled 75mm. The vehicle’s combat debut was not before April 1944 in Galicia, because the Hungarians were held back from the front line for refitting during 1943.

The type was still outclassed by most Russian armor and so the long barreled German 75mm gun L/43 was installed. It was called Turan III, but it was only in the prototype stage when the Germans occupied Hungary and exchanged the current government.
There after the Fascist Hungarian Army was supplied with German armored vehicles and plans were made for the license production of the famous Panther tank (but the Russian encirclement and fall of Budapest ended this project).

Users: Hungary (for all variants).

Animated 3d model of 40M Turan I tank

Data for 41M Turan II

Technical data
41M Turan II data
Type medium tank
Engine 260hp gasoline Manfred-Weiss Z
Gearbox ?
Crew total 5
Turret crew ?
Length 5.68 m
Width 2.54 m
Height 2.33 m
Weight 18.2 tons
Maximum speed 47 km/h
Cross-country speed ?
Petrol consumption per 100 km ?
Petrol ?
Road radius 165 km
Cross-country radius ?
Vertical obstacle approx. 0.79 m
Trench crossing approx. 1.98 m
Fording depth ?
Turning circle ?
Gradient approx. 60 °
41M Turan II mm
Maximum 50 mm
Minimum 14 mm
Angles unknown
41M Turan II data
Main armament 75mm short barreled (should be nearly equal to German 7.5cm Kwk37 L/24. Following are the data for this gun)
Traverse 360°
Elevation ?
Muzzle velocity Pzgr: 385 m/s; HE (high-explosive): 450 m/s
Shell weight Pzgr 6.8 kg
Shell weight HE A 4.40 kg
Shell weight HE B 4.57 kg
Shell weight HE C 4.80 kg
Secondary armament two 8 mm MG's
Penetration mm at 30° armor of the German 7.5cm Kwk37 L/24
range Pzgr Gr38A Gr38B Gr38C
100 meters 41 70 75 100
500 meters 39 70 75 100
1,000 meters 35 70 75 100
1,500 meters 33 70 75 100
2,000 meters 30 - -
41M Turan data
Turan I October 1941
Turan II 1943
Turan III prototype April 1944
Combat delivery 1943
Price per tank ?
Total production figure 300 Turan I, 322 Turan II, 1 Turan III
Service statistics of all Turan variants
Year Available Production Losses
before 1939 - -
1939 - - -
1940 - - -
1941 - c. 300 (1941-42) ?
1942 ? ? ?
1943 ? c. 323 (1943-44) ?
1944 ? ? ?
1945 ? - ?
TOTAL 623 ?

Animated 3d model of 41M Turan II tank

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