Diary April 19, 1945

Corsair attacking positions

An F4U Corsair of the US Navy is attacking with air-to-ground rockets the Japanese positions on Okinawa.

Diary for Thursday, April 19, 1945:


US 24th Corps, 10th Army, launches general assault on outer defences of ‘Shuri Line’, in the south, after preparatory bombardment by 139 planes, 18 warships and 324 artillery pieces. Bombardment has little effect on elaborate underground defences; 96th Division makes limited progress in the centre.

Russian Front

Russians secure bridge­head across river Neisse and push towards Dresden.

Western Front

US 1st Army captures Leipzig. US 7th Army troops break through medieval walls of Nuremburg and eliminate fanatical SS garrison.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Carrier Aquila sunk by Italian human torpedoes at Genoa.

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