Diary April 2, 1915

mail sorting behind the front line

The mail is sorted behind the Austria-Hungarian front line on the Eastern Front.

Diary for Friday, April 2, 1915:

Western Front

First full-scale German gas trial behind lines, mildly gases the scientists responsible.
Argonne: German attack at Bagatelle.

Eastern Front

Bukovina: No Austrian troops more in Russia after raiding 1 mile inside. More fighting on April 4, Russians evacuate Bojan until April 14.

Sea War

North Sea: U10 sinks 3 British minesweeping trawlers (226 minesweepers in home waters including 12 new and more effective converted paddle steamers). German surface minelayer lays 360 mines off Humber sink­ing 9 steamers and minesweep­ers, but 127 mines swept in May and cleared by mid-July.


USA: US note to Britain on blockade treatment of neutrals.


Austria: Government offers Italy Trentino conces­sions.

Home Fronts

Egypt: ANZAC and British riot in Cairo brothel area.

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