Diary April 21, 1916

 company of the German Schutztruppe

A company of the German Schutztruppe on the march.

Diary for Friday, April 21, 1916:

African Fronts

East Africa: Lettow decides to concentrate 20 companies (2 mounted) against South African advance, leaving Kraut to face Smuts and Wahle against NRFF (Nyasaland-Rhodesia Field Force) and the Belgians.

Western Front

Verdun: General Knobelsdorf moves doubting German east bank commander Mudra back (Lochow replaces) to his Argonne corps and resists Crown Prince’s doubts same day.

Southern Fronts

Trentino: West of Lake Garda Alpini capture Crozzon di Fargorida with Lares and Cavento Passes, but Austrians cling to Fargorida Pass.

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