Diary April 4, 1915

Wright-Martin seaplane

The American-build Wright-Martin seaplane.

Diary for Sunday, April 4, 1915:

Western Front

Flanders: General Putz takes over Detachement de Belgique (aka Groupement d’Elver­dinghe).
General Bülow of German Second Army put on retired list after suffering a stroke, F Below succeeds (until July 19, 1916).

Eastern Front

Austrian CoS Conrad requests German attack in Gorlice sector.
Carpathians: After snowstorms (April 2-3) Brusilov reaches Sztropko, 15 miles inside Hungary, west and east of Lupkow Pass.

Air War

Aegean: Wright Navy plane from HMS Ark Royal drops six 20lb bombs on Turk torpedo boats at Smyrna.

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