Diary August 10, 1915

mountain gun on Pleisshorn

Austria-Hungarian mountain gun on Pleisshorn in the Ortler range in more than 3,300 yards above sea level.

Diary for Tuesday, August 10, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Italian Isonzo attacks and also advance in Ortler range (Upper Adige); 45th Infantry Regiment capture Cima Bois.

Eastern Front

Poland: Siege of Novo Georgievsk (Modlin) (until August 20) by Beseler, captor of Antwerp.

Middle East

Gallipoli – Anzac bridgehead: Decisive counter-attack by Turkish troops lead by Kemal retakes Chunuk Bair, the ‘Farm’ and the ‘Pinnacle’, annihilating 2000 British soldiers. Gurkhas retire from Hill Q.
Suvla bridgehead: 54th Divisions lands joining 53rd Division.

Sea War

Baltic: German fleet shells Riga but is driven off. Russian battleship Siava engages German battleships Nassau and Posen.

Home Fronts

Japan: Marquis Okuma, Foreign Minister, replaces Prime Minister Kato (resigned August 9), Baron Ishii succeeds Okuma on August 12.
Turkey – Armenian Anatolian College: 400 students deported, all male students murdered.
Germany: Kaiser awards Tirpitz Pour le Merite on 25th anniversary of Heligoland occupation.


USA: Plattsburg New York State military training camp for civilians opens.

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  1. Андрей А. Зимин

    “German fleet shells Riga”. Impossible. Battle at Irbe Strait. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irbe_Strait
    “Russian battleship Siava” SLAVA

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