Diary August 2, 1943

Civilian casualties of the 'Battle of Hamburg'.

Civilian casualties of the ‘Battle of Hamburg’.

WW2 War Diary for Monday, August 2, 1943:


Sicily: British and Canadians oust Germans from hill-top strongholds of Centuripe and Regalbuto; Gerbini airfield complex captured.


Portugal: Italian Ambassador in Lisbon contacts Allied representatives.

Home Fronts

China: Death of President Lin Sen, aged 81; Chiang Kai-shek appointed Acting-President.

Air War

Germany: ‘Battle of Hamburg’ ends wth night raids by 425 RAF bombers (30 lost; 939t bombs) in very bad weather.

Battle of Hamburg casualties
RAF planes Civilian casualties Factories Shipping U-Boats
2,752 planes (86 lost) dropped 8,621t of bombs c.42,600 dead + 37,000 seriously injured 580 destroyed 170,000 t lost 3 sunk

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