Diary December 19, 1915

Arctic disguise  for pilots

Especially in winter, it is within a few thousand feet often so bitterly cold that Arctic disguise is necessary for pilots.

Diary for Sunday, December 19, 1915:

Air War

Western Front: 48 Anglo-German air encounters.

Western Front

Flanders: Germans introduce phosgene gas (10 times toxicity of chlorine) against British at Pilkem-Wieltje north of Ypres; 1,069 soldiers gassed (120 dead), but no panic as hoped.

Sea War

Dardanelles: Aided by 37 motor lighters or ‘beetles’, Royal Navy squadron (Keyes) confounds prophets of doom by complet¬≠ing evacuation Sulva and Anzac bridgeheads in a single night (December 19/20) without fatalities (3 men wounded).


Norway: ‘Peace Ship’ Oscar II arrives, stays till December 22, but Ford leaves.

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