Diary December 25, 1917

KAR (Kings African Rufles) Native troops

KAR (King’s African Rifles) Native troops follow Lettow-Vorbeck’s troops into Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique).

World War One Diary for Tuesday, December 25, 1917:


Mozambique: British patrols pursue Germans 40 miles south of river Rovuma. Lettow receives Christmas dinner from his officers.

Eastern Front

Ukraine: RNAS Armoured Car Squadron rear party disable remaining cars and guns after ugly confrontation with local Reds.

Southern Fronts

Trentino: Toscana Brigade and 5th Bersaglieri regiment etc stiffen Italian line and repulse final Austrian attack.

Sea War

Irish Sea: Royal Navy sloop Buttercup and PC56 (convoy escorts) ram and sink U-87. Twice­victorious Q-ship Penshurst sunk by U-boat.

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