Diary December 7, 1915

Austro-Hungarian troops advance through Serbia

Austro-Hungarian troops advance through Serbia in overwhelming strength.

Diary for Tuesday, December 7, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Austrian Third Army captures Pec and then links with Bulgar 3rd Division, as fighting peters out.
Albania: Putnik in sick litter arrives at Scutari and resigns because of ill-health.

Western Front

Flanders: Germans abandon flooded trenches on river Yser.
Champagne: ­French lose, then recapture advanced position near St Souplet.

Middle East

Gallipoli: British cabinet agrees to Suvla and Anzac bridgeheads evacuations.

African Fronts

Cameroons: General Dobell orders British solo advance on Yaunde.


USA: President Wilson denounces disloyal foreign­-born Americans in annual message to Congress.

Call of War
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  1. The date at top should be December 7, 1915.

  2. Date needs to be changed to 1915

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