Diary February 10, 1941

Short S.29 Stirling heavy four-engined bombers

One of the new Short S.29 Stirling heavy four-engined bombers in February, 1941. The immense landing gears gave trouble and the pilot’s job was hard.

Diary for Monday, February 10, 1941:

Air War

Europe: 189 RAF bombers raid Hanover (night February 10-11). Short Stirling four-engined bombers on first operation: three aircraft of No.7 Squadron attack oil tanks at Rotterdam (night February 10-11).
Operation Colossus: British paratroops, dropped from Malta-based Whitleys, destroy Tragino Aqueduct, South Italy.

Sea War

8 Italian and 2 German merchant ships leave Kismayau (Italian Somaliland) in attempt to reach Diego Suarez (Madagascar): only 2 Italians succeed.

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