Diary February 2, 1915

German obituary in 1914

The form for a German obituary in 1914, which was still in mind for an jubilant victory and the glorious heroic death on the battlefield.

Diary for Tuesday, February 2, 1915:

Western Front

Champagne: General Brulard of French 2nd Division reports: ‘First line units … stand knee-deep in water’; offensive postponed until reliefs arrive.

Eastern Front

Carpathians: Austrian Croat Regiment loses 1,828 men to overnight frostbite.

Southern Fronts

Herzegovina: Montenegrins repulse Austrians.

Middle East

Dardanelles: Lt-Col Kemal reorganizes new Turkish 19th Division until February 25.
Arabia: Turk patrols invade Aden Protectorate.


Allies deplore Greek, Serb and Montenegrin intervention in Albania. Spain reaffirms neu­trality.
Sino-Japanese Conference on 21 Demands.

Occupied countries

Belgium­: Underground weekly La Libre Belge appears weekly for duration of war. German provincial governors given unlimited powers on February 5.


USA: ­German Werner Horn fails to blow up Canadian Pacific rail bridge at Vanceboro, Maine and is arrested.

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