Diary February 25, 1915

Allied fleet Dardanelles

The attempt of the Anglo-French fleet that day to break in into the Dardanelles.

Diary for Thursday, February 25, 1915:

Sea War

Dardanelles: ­Superdreadnought Queen Elizabeth (8 x 15-in guns) in first action joins 7 Anglo­-French battleships in silencing outer forts. Battleship Agamemnon (hit 7 times and suffers 12 casualties) fires 123 shells.

Western Front

Flanders: British make slight advance north of La Bassee.
Champagne: French advance near Les Mesnil and on next day, but Germans reinforced there. Generals Gerard and Dumas each now in command of 2 corps in French Fourth Army sector.

Eastern Front

Poland: Below bombards Osovyets fortress until February 27.
Galicia: Only half Russian 167th Reserve Infantry Regiment de-trains at Lemberg.

Air War

Western Front: French aircrafts drop 60 bombs on German rail stations and concentrations in Cham­pagne; 3 bombs on Metz barracks.
Eastern Front: Heavy bomber IM Kievsky bombs two munition trains near Willenberg.

Home Fronts

Turkey: Enver Pasha orders no Armenians to be employed in Army, commanders can declare martial law. Yet on next day Enver thanks Armenian soldiers and nation for the support.
Britain: King and Churchill inspect RND (9,000 men) at Blandford prior to sailing for Dardanelles on March 1.

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