Diary July 13, 1944

Ju 88G-1 at Woodbridge

The Ju 88G-1 at Woodbridge. The young and inexperienced crew was flying back in the opposite and wrong direction after their patrol over the North Sea. The new night fighter was equipped with the latest German radar instruments and its exploration by the RAF finally destroyed all German hopes to counter the British night bombing offensive.

WW2 War Diary for Thursday, July 13, 1944:

Secret War

Britain: Pilot of Ju 88 G night fighter equipped with special radar and radio homing equipment lands by mistake at Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Eastern Front

Central Sector: RUSSIANS CAPTURE VILNA (Lithuania).


New Guinea: Successful American counter-attacks on Japanese bridgehead west of the river Driniumor.

Air War

Germany: 1,260 USAAF bombers attacking Munich and dropping 2,650t of bombs.

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