Diary July 21, 1915

Warrior's Dream

Warrior’s Dream: ad from a German war newspaper.

Diary for Wednesday, July 21, 1915:

Eastern Front

Conrad urges Burian to keep separate peace with Russia in view (and on August 6) but no Russian interest.
Poland: Woyrsch besieges Ivangorod (until August 5) and crosses Vistula to north on July 28. 192 Terek Cossacks rout German infantry regiment in moonlight charge.

Middle East

Gallipoli: NZ Sergeant Pilling diary ‘We…will be satisfied if we do our work and get back home alive’.
Aden: 28th Indian Brigade (arrived on July 18) retakes Sheikh Othmalll wells 7 miles northwest and fortifies it. Major-General Younghusband replaces sacked Political Resident.


USA: 3rd Wilson Lusitania note almost an ultimatum.

Home Fronts

Turkey: 4,000 Armenians near Antioch repulse Turk troops.
Britain­: 843,000 married recruits now drawing separation allowances.

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