Diary July 25, 1915

Bristol Scout

Side view of a Bristol Scout with 80 hp Gnome engine.

Diary for Sunday, July 25, 1915:

Air War

Western Front: Captain Hawker of No 6 Squadron RFC in Bristol Scout armed with Lewis gun on own 45° mounting defeats 3 German two-seaters east of Ypres; first VC award for aircraft vs aircraft combat. RFC issues first communique (intended to be twice weekly hereon).

Eastern Front

Russians evacuate Riga and Warsaw factories.

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: Italian Third Army general assault with last reserve corps (XIII from Verona area).

African Fronts

Rhodesia: Major-General Wahle’s 800 Germans and 2 guns besiege Fort Sasi (462 Anglo­-Belgian troops) until August 2. 350 Belgians fail to relieve on July 28, surrender summons rejected on July 31.

Sea War

U-boat torpedoes US SS Leelanaw. Q-ships to be commissioned as ‘naval tenders’ so as not to be pirates under Hague Convention.


Greece: British government guarantees Mytilene (Lesbos) cession to Greece (from Turkey).

Home Fronts

Serbia: Government established at Nish.
Britain: Daily Mirror pictures three Prussian officers ‘loaded with golden and silver loot’, actually Army steeple­-chase from 9 July 1914.

Call of War
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