Diary July 31, 1915

Assault of Australian soldiers on Gallipoli

Assault of Australian soldiers on Gallipoli.

Diary for Saturday, July 31, 1915:

Middle East

Gallipoli: 200 Australians storm Turk trenches opposite Tasmania Post (until August 1). So far 600 soldiers of 1st Australian Division evacuated with dental disease and 80,000 Turk sick evacuated.

Sea War

Black Sea: Russians have now sunk c.100 Turk colliers, drastically reducing coal supplies to Constantinople and for industry.
During July German U-boats sink 86 ships with 98,005 tons.

Air War

Italian Front: Italian seaplanes bomb Riva and Garda on Lake Garda.


France: Publication on German outrages at Roubaix.

Home Fronts

Russia: During July shell production nearly 900,000, double early 1915 months but only 2 rifles for every 5 recruits. Cost of living up by 50%.

Call of War
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