Diary July 5, 1916

execution of Serbian guerrillas

The execution of Serbian guerrillas by Austro-Hungarian soldiers.

Diary for July 5, 1916:

Occupied countries

Serbia and Montene­gro: Guerrilla risings begin against weakened Austrian garrisons, continue for duration of war.

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: British storm Horseshoe Trench. Germans massing in Mametz Wood. Germans recapture Estrees south of Somme. French Foreign Legion (869 casualties) relieved after sending back 730 PoWs and 4 MGs and repulsing 2 night counter-attacks.

Sea War

North Sea: U-boat campaign against fishing vessels begins (36 sunk).
Eastern Mediterranean: U39 sails, lands Lieutenant Todenwarth and 7 men with munitions for Senussi, North Africa (fetched back October 13).

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