Diary June 10, 1940

Italian troops at the French Alpine frontier

Italian troops marching on to the French Alpine frontier.

Diary for Monday, June 10, 1940:


ITALY DECLARES WAR ON BRITAIN AND FRANCE. Hostilities to begin at midnight. CANADA DECLARES WAR ON ITALY. French Government leaves Paris for Tours, on river Loire.

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Rommel drives French IX Corps and British 51st Highland Division towards coast, north of Le Havre. Manstein’s 38th Infantry Corps crosses the Seine.

Sea War

Mediterranean: 6 British submarines leave Malta for operations off Italian harbours and naval bases. Italian torpedo boats and destroyers sink subs Odin, Grampus and Orpheus (June 13, 16 and 27, resp.).


USA: Roosevelt speaks at University of Virginia: ‘On this tenth day of June 1940 the hand that held the dagger has struck it in the back of its neighbor.’

Home Fronts

Britain: Duff Cooper, Minister of Information, condemns Mussolini: ‘[he] has declared war upon the Allies with whom Italy fought in the last Great War and who … saved Italy from destruction.’

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