Diary June 19, 1915

 position with M190 'Sokolov' Maxim machine-gun

A Russian position with M1910 ‘Sokolov’ Maxim machine-gun and crew. The gunshield protecting the firer war not a common design feature.

Diary for Saturday, June 19, 1915:

Eastern Front

Galicia: Mackensen attacks Brusilov’s Grodek line along 40 miles and forces retreat. Mackensen takes Zolkiew and Rawaruska (June 20).

Western Front

Artois: French gains near Souchez (and on June 28).
Alsace­: French enter Metzeral and bombard Munster.

African Fronts

Royal Naval Africa Expedition sails for Cape Town.


France: Boulogne Conference of Lloyd George and A Thomas, French junior War Minister.
Germany: Socialist manifesto calls war no longer defensive, cannot be supported.

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