Diary March 13, 1940

Field Marshal Mannerheim

The Finnish Field Marshal Mannerheim.

Diary for Wednesday, March 13, 1940:


Winter War: Cease-fire on all fronts at 11 a.m. Field Marshal Mannerheim’s last Order of the Day to Finnish Army: ‘A severe peace has been concluded which cedes to Russia nearly all the battlefields we have drenched with our blood. . . The deeds you have accomplished will shine for centuries in the pages of our history.’

Finland Russia
Killed Soldiers 24,923 c. 200,000
Wounded Soldiers 43,557 ?
Tanks 3 c. 1,600
Planes 61 c. 750-900
Guns ? over 300
Ships 1 armed yacht, 1 steamer 1 submarine
Killed Civilians 637
Wounded Civilians 1,400
Buildings destroyed or damaged 4,500
Call of War
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