Diary March 14, 1918

Curtiss H-12 flying boats

Pitched battles were fought over the North Sea betwenn these large, well armed Curtiss H-12 flying boats and Hansa-Brandenburg floatplane fighters.

World War One Diary for Thursday, March 14, 1918:

Air War

North Sea­: Floatplane clash; 2 Royal Naval Air Service planes attack 5 German planes (1 lost, 1 damaged, 1 observer killed).
Italy: Royal Flying Corps No 42 Squadron leaves to rejoin BEF on Western Front.

Eastern Front

USSR: Soviets 4th Congress ratifies Brest-Litovsk Treaty at Moscow. Reds occupy Ekaterinodar (Kuban Cossack capital).

Middle East

Caucasus: Retreating Armenians on old Russian frontier. Turco­-Transcaucasian Trebizond Conference opens.

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