Diary March 23, 1916

U35 at Harwich

U35 becomes the most successful submarines of all time and survives the war. Here it lies amongst oher surrendered boats at Harwich in 1918.

Diary for Thursday, March 23, 1916:

Sea War

Mediterranean: U35 sinks 13,543t British Transport Minneapolis (12 lives lost) 195 miles east of Malta. First Pola-built U-boat in service; coastal submarine UB UB42.

Western Front

Somme: British trench raid at Gommecourt.

Eastern Front

Western Russia: 300 men of Baluyev’s V Corps freeze to death.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Kut’s two 5-inch guns with the help of air observers disable 2 Turk siege guns.


Lloyd George addresses Paris Economic Conference. King George V receives General Cadorna. Allies reject US 18 January Lansing note.

Call of War
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