Diary March 29, 1916

The Russian Royal Family

The Russian Royal Family: Tsar and Tsarina in the arms of their presiding evil genius Rasputin.

Diary for Wednesday, March 29, 1916:

Home Fronts

Russia: Reforming War Minister General Polivanov resigns after Tsarina and Rasputin’s intrigues; General Shuvaev succeeds.
Japan: ­War Minister Lieutenant General Oka resigns, Lieutenant General Oshima succeeds following day.

Western Front

Verdun – west bank: 2 French regiments recapture the southeast corner of Avocourt Wood and Avocourt Redoubt (lost on March 23) and repulse counter-attack, but Germans reach Malancourt.

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: Italian VII Corps gains some ground at Selz (Carso).

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Gorringe postpones Hanna assault from April 1 to April 4 to get 3 extra planes.

Air War

Eastern Front: German airship LZ86 raids Minsk (and on April 2).
Western Front: 9 Anglo­-German air combats (1 aircraft forced down on each side); 7 combats on March 30 (3 Royal Flying Corps aircraft lost) and 13 combats on March 31 (2 Fokker Es hit).


Britain: Government rescinds London Declaration article 19, ships sailing to non-blockaded ports no longer immune.

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