Diary March 8, 1916

German soldier keeps watch over Fort Vaux

A lone German soldier keeps watch over Fort Vaux, from the remains of a captured French trench.

Diary for Wednesday, March 8, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun: Germans repulsed at Fort Vaux. Crazy French regiments bayonet charge restores west bank line by retaking Bois des Corbeaux after 2 1/2-mile German advance.

Middle East

Turkey: Enver Pasha returns to Constantinople from Syria and Palestine inspection.
Mesopo­tamia – Battle of Dujaila Redoubt (until March 9): Aylmer surprises Turks but muddles belated attack, loses 3,474 men (1,285 Turk casualties).
Persia: Russians occupy Sennah.


Mexico: German ambassador Eckhardt recommends Swedish diplomat for Crown Order 2nd Class for sending German Washington cables to Berlin. Royal Navy Room 40 intercept and realize significance during May.

Call of War
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