Diary May 15, 1941

Matilda tank Operation Brevity

Pictured from a British trench: Matilda II tanks are moving forward against positions of the Afrika Korps during Operation Brevity.

Diary for Thursday, May 15, 1941:

North Africa

First British Offensive against Afrika Korps (Operation Brevity): Halfaya Pass and Sollum recaptured.

Air War

British Government authorizes counter-measures against German aircraft refuelling on Syrian airfields (Vichy France) en route to Iraq.

Home Fronts

Britain: First British jet aircraft – Gloster E.28/39 Pioneer – tested at Cranwell, Lincs.


USA: US coast guards board every French merchant ship in American ports, including liner Normandie.
Battleship Washington (launched June 1940) joins the fleet 5 months ahead of schedule.

Occupied countries

Channel Islands: Mrs. Sybil Hathaway, Dame of Sark (Channel Is.), deported to German concentration camp as reprisal for anti-Nazi activities on Guernsey.

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