Diary May 21, 1915

German Mountain Artillery Battery No. 2

A member of a German Mountain Artillery Battery No. 2.

Diary for Friday, May 21, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Austro-Italian border: German Alpenkorps formed for Tyrol. Conrad to Emperor’s Aide-decamp ‘… an Italian offensive will have for its chief objective the valley of the Isonzo. All defensive measures have been taken’.

Home Fronts

Britain: Churchill accepts dismissal after final vain appeal to Asquith: ‘Let me stand or fall by the Dardanelles’. Accepts Chancellorship of the Duchy of Lancaster, stays on War Council.

Western Front

Artois: French take ‘White Road’ near Souchez (Vimy).

Eastern Front

Galicia: Russian counter­attack until May 24 to cover Przemysl’s evacuation. Austrian VII Corps entrains for Italian Front.

Middle East

Persia: Small Russian force lands at Enzeli on Caspian after Isfahan vice-consul murdered (May 18).


Italo-Gerrnan treaty on mutual safety of citizens and property.

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