Diary May 27, 1917

militant 'midinettes'  on the march

From mid-May the militant ‘midinettes’ (Parisian working-girls) paraded the Paris boulevards and demonstrations and strikes became frequent, while sympathizing troops joined in the anti-war campaign.

World War One Diary for Sunday, May 27, 1917:

Western Front

Skirmishing on Champagne, Verdun and Alsace fronts. French 18th Infantry Regiment’s 2nd Battalion (844 casualties from May 4-8) mutinies at Villers sur Fare (until May 28), 12 court-martialled, 5 sentenced to death, 3 executed. Worst disorders at Fare-en-¬≠Tardenois rail station (until May 28) as mutineers try to reach Paris.

Eastern Front

Russia: Reported that 30,000 deserters pass through Kiev daily.

Air War

Macedonia: 10 Royal Navy Air Service and Royal Flying Corps aircraft destroyed in hangar explosion at Marian airfield, 9 casualties. Disaster kept secret for many weeks.

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