Diary May 4, 1915

French 75mm field gun

French 75mm field gun in action.

Diary for Tuesday, May 4, 1915:

Western Front

German GHO moves to Pless, Silesia.
Artois: French bombardment by 1,073 guns (690,000 shells) and 92 mortars begins.
Flanders РYpres: Battle of St Julien ends. Sir J French advises War Office that German High Command has definitely decided to use poison gases as normal weapon. British withdrawal completed to line, Mouse-trap Farm­ РFrezenberg Ridge РHuuge Zillebeke Ridge РHill 60. French advance between Lizerne and Het Sas. 1 st Canadian Division withdrawn to GHO Reserve, joined by 1,500 dismounted cavalry on May 8.

Eastern Front

Galicia: Russian general Radko resists briefly on river Wisloka until next day.

Southern Fronts

Austro-Italian frontier: Italian troop trains running, but mobilization takes 48 days not 23 as planned.

Middle East

Gallipoli – Anzac beach: 2 Royal Marines battalions repel Turk breakthrough. Latter’s losses reach 14,000 men.


Britain: Catholicos of Armenians appeals to King George V to get neutrals’ intervention.

Home Fronts

Britain: 2nd War Budget, only duties increased.

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