Diary May 6, 1942

US prisoners pass their captors on Corregidor.

US prisoners pass their captors on Corregidor.

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, May 6, 1942:


Philippines – FALL OF CORREGIDOR and US forts in Manila Bay: Japanese take 12,495 prisoners, including Generals Wainwright and King.

Philippines Campaign Losses
Dead, wounded and captured
US and Filipino 140,000
Japanese 4,000
Southeast Asia

Burma: Stilwell’s Chinese troops recapture Maymo.


Madagascar: Royal Marine Commandos, landed from destroyer Anthony, break stubborn resistance by Vichy troops at Diego Suarez.

Sea War

Pacific: American submarine Skipjack sinks 3 Japanese ships during May in China Sea.
Indian Ocean: Vichy gunboat D’Entrecasteaux crippled by bombing off Diego Suarez.

Call of War
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