Diary November 25, 1916

French Pre-dreadnought 'Suffren'

The French Pre-dreadnought ‘Suffren’ was completed 1899 and was damaged at the Dardanelles and on the way back.

World War One Diary for Saturday, November 25, 1916:

Sea War

Eastern Atlantic:Unescorted French old battleship Suffren (making only 9 kts) sunk with all hands by U-52 off Lisbon.

Eastern Front

Rumania: Falkenhayn‘s Group Kraftt occupies Rimnik south of Rotenturm Pass (Falken­hayn’s German troops foiled at Slatina November 25-26). Mackensen turns Aluta position by advancing towards Alexandria and Rosiori. Rumanian authorities begin leaving Bucharest for Jassy as general retreat ordered.

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