Diary November 26, 1916

Hindenburg Line

Some of the dense rows of barbed wire that protected the Hindenburg Line.

World War One Diary for Sunday, November 26, 1916:

Western Front

Germany: OHL issues equivocal instruction on role of forthcom­ing Siegfried Stellung (Hindenburg Line): ‘Just as in times of peace, we build fortresses, so we are now building rearward defences. Just as we have kept clear of our fortresses, so we shall keep at a distance from these rearward defences’.

Eastern Front

Rumania: Mackensen reaches Alexan­dria, 50 miles from Bucharest, and contacts Falkenhayn.

African Fronts

Lake Nyasa: Wahle’s 303-strong rearguard with 1 gun and 3 MGs surrender at Ilembule to Murray’s 450 motorized troops.

Sea War

North Sea: German destroyers raid Lowestoft (Royal Navy armed trawler Narval sunk) as diversion while disguised raider Moewe leaves Kiel on second cruise (returns to Kile on March 22, 1917).

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