Diary October 19, 1916

Feldkompanie auf Von Lettow's Schutztruppe on the move

A Feldkompanie auf Von Lettow’s Schutztruppe on the move somewhere in the dry interior of East Africa.

World War One Diary for Thursday, October 19, 1916:

African Fronts

East Africa: Last German post north of Central Railway cleared. Deventer contacts Northey. German attacks in Iringa and river Ruhuje districts.

Eastern Front

Dobruja Battle of Topraisar­-Cobadinu (until October 21): Mackensen breaks through causing Rumanian retreat astride Russians and takes Tuzla on coast (October 20).

Sea War

Adriatic: Austria’s most successful U-boat, U27 (first of class of 8 coastal boats), launched at Pola, commis­sioned February 14, 1917.

Call of War
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