Diary October 19, 1917

gondola of L54

This is the gondola of L54, which was to take part in the famous raid by 13 Zeppelins on this day, only to be scattered by high winds.

World War One Diary for Friday, October 19, 1917:

Air War

Britain – The ‘Silent Raid’: 13 German naval Zeppelins (5 lost) fly disastrous high-altitude mission against Northern England industrial centres (78 defence sorties cost 4 wrecked aircraft). L45 by chance bombs London (83 of 91 casualties total), 660lb bomb hits Piccadilly Circus, remainder dispersed by unpredicted 60mph northerly gales; 4 airships blown across to France, L50 disappears over Mediterranean; L44 shot down by French anti-aircraft fire from 19,000ft, L45 crash lands and burnt by crew west of Sisteron (Provence); L49 falls into French hands at Bourbonne-Ies-Bains near Langres (night October 19-20).


East Africa: Deventer cancels another attack, replaces Beves with Cunliffe as GOC Linforce. Lettow gains respite.


USA: Embargo on trade with Northern European Neutrals.


Spain: ­British films not allowed public screening.

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