Diary October 20, 1943

'Ranger' Mosquito night intruders

‘Ranger’ Mosquito night intruders with the latest avionics were every night over Germany.

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, October 20, 1943:

Air War

Germany: 285 RAF and RCAF Lancaster bombers raid Leipzig in severe weather (1,085t bombs dropped). Mosquitoe bombers attack Berlin. 17 planes lost.
Britain: Attempted night raids on London and Hull fail abysmally.

Eastern Front

Southern Sector: 4 Russian ‘Fronts’ (army groups), previously known as ‘Voronezh’, ‘Steppe’, ‘South-West’ and ‘South’, redesignated ‘1st’ to ‘4th’ Ukrainian Fronts (UFs).

Sea War

Caribbean: U-boat U-516 sinks 6 ships and escapes despite week-long hunt by Allied forces.
PacificOperation Ro: 6 Japanese carriers ferry 173 planes from Truk to Rabaul in readiness for planned offensive in Solomons.


Britain and USA agree to establish investigative War Crimes Commission.

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