Diary October 4, 1916

U35 makes a rendezvous

U35 (nearer) makes a rendezvous with another German submarine.

Great War Diary for Wednesday, October 4, 1916:

Sea War

Eastern Mediterranean: U35 (Arnauld) sinks French auxiliary cruiser Gallia (14,900t) off Cape Matapan, carrying 2,000 French and Serb troops. Panic ensues, 600 dead. Coastal submarine UB47 (Steinbauer) sinks empty British (ex-Cunard) troopship Franconia (18,150t) 195 miles southeast of Malta, 12 lives lost.

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: Heavy rain and increasingly poor ground postpones Rawlinson’s planned offensive operations for 48 hours.

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