Diary October 5, 1917

planes strafing a Turkish column

British planes strafing a Turkish column in Palestine.

World War One Diary for Friday, October 5, 1917:

Air War

Palestine: Royal Flying Corps Palestine Brigade formed for Allenby’s offensive under Brigade-General W Salmond, 5 new Bristol fighters fly first sortie on October 7 and destroy 2 German fighters on October 8 and 18.

Western Front

Ypres: In 67 days’ fighting BEF has taken 36 square miles; 20,564 PoWs and 55 guns for 162,768 casualties.

Sea War

Adriatic: Austrian torpedo boat Tb11 mutinies and deserts to Italians.
North Sea: Coastal submarine UB-41 mined and sunk off Flamborough Head.


Peru (and Uruguay on October 7): Governments breaks relations with Germany. 8 German ships interned at Callao, seized on June 14, 1918.
Sweden: Government protests against British seizure of ships in British ports (4 taken over on October 11 as mainly British-owned).

Call of War
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